Your survey on a map

As a registered project administrator, you’ll be able to create a draft project with limited users and comments.  This can then be activated to a paid  Professional Project.

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How WikiMapping benefits planners

WikiMapping benefits planners who need to get meaningful public input for bicycle and pedestrian projects. It supplements public meeting input, and it saves planners time by capturing map data digitally in a structured way. Planners get better data, from more people and in less time, than they could get in person. The data can be analyzed in GIS. While public meetings have their place, WikiMapping can collect thousands of comments from hundreds of people in just a few weeks when used in conjunction with social media.


WikiMapping works on iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and current versions of Internet Explorer. Data can be exported into GIS formats. WikiMapping is built to work on open source mapping or google maps platforms. We do not guarantee that google will be an option in the future.


  • Project Administrator Manages a project and an account.
  • Group Multiple project administrators that share access to projects
  • Commenter/User People contributing comments to a project (the public)
  • Draft Project Non-public project. Has up to 3 commenters and 10 comments.  It is accessible to the public.
  • Active Project Project is funded, has a start date, and is accessible to the public.
  • Archived Project A project no-longer accessible to the public.

Project Price

The price for a one year project is $349.  There is no charge for setting up a draft project.  When you are ready to make it public, select “Activate”.  This will take you to a PayPal payment page.

  • Your project is active for one year, and you’ll have an option to renew before the project expires.
  • Projects are set up for 1000 users and 3000 comments.  If you need more, we can upgrade this.
  • Data can be hosted indefinitely.  If your subscription lapses, the project is archived.  The public won’t be able to access the data, and you won’t be able to edit it.  You will still be able to view it.
  • Each project is billed individually.
  • A project administrator may close a project to the public at any time.
  • A project administrator to repurpose an existing active project for something new within the activated year.

Ownership & Privacy

Please refer to our privacy policy below.  As a project administrator, you control the data for your project. Our Map Team (Steve & John) has access to projects and data.  This enables us to support project administrators and helps us test and improve the effectiveness of WikiMapping.  We may review data to see how we can improve WikiMapping.


  • Route and Point Categories - Let people add all kinds of data to your map.
  • Edit - Set location, custom banner, welcome message and functionality
  • Design - Create categories (lines and points) and assign icons and colors
  • Import - Upload kml, kmz or point data for people to comment on (if that’s what you need)
  • Photo  -  Add a batch of photos taken with your phone and they will go right on the map.
  • Survey - Create surveys and attach them to the login or to any category
  • Comments - Export data you collect to excel, google earth, or GIS formats
  • Presentation - Select anonymous viewing, and data shows up on mouseover
  • Your Custom Map - Works with MapBox hosted maps and other data.
  • Routing  - It’s possible to route someone on hiking trails.  “Turn left at the waterfall”.
  • Custom domain (a limited option) – Point a domain to a wikimap, such as